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NEW Maidstone clinic. Book now!
NEW Maidstone clinic. Book now!


Hello. My name is Lana Nela. I am the Lead Nurse at One Day Tests. Here you can book an appointment for venous or capillary sample at our Maidstone clinic.

Book your blood test - Maidstone

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One Day Tests - 39-48 Marsham Street, Maidstone, Kent ME14 1HH

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  • Monday to Friday: 08.30 - 14.30
  • Disabled access
  • Nearby car parks: King Street, Brooks Place
  • Our clinic is located inside the Maidstone Community Support Centre

Clinic visit charge

This charge is for our professional nurse to take blood from your arm. It is applicable to both walk-ins and pre-booked appointments. Covers sample collection for all your tests on the day.

FREE Clinic appointment when you spend over £200 online.

Blood Tests at Our Maidstone Clinic

One Day Tests is pleased to offer an extensive array of blood tests at our Maidstone clinic, the latest addition to our network which includes several other clinics across London and the South East of England. Whether you’re looking to book an appointment or use our walk-in service, we frequently deliver rapid results for many of our blood tests.

At our Maidstone clinic, you'll be cared for by seasoned medical professionals in a comfortable, stress-free setting. Our facilities include a cutting-edge laboratory and phlebotomy clinic, operating to the highest medical standards across a broad spectrum of diagnostic blood tests. 

We aim to provide a service that is both convenient and efficient. Our Maidstone clinic is equipped to support a wide range of health monitoring needs, whether you are dealing with a chronic condition, following a specific dietary or fitness regimen, or simply wishing to keep a close watch on your overall health.

Start taking control of your health by booking a blood test at our Maidstone clinic today.

Same as your GP

The same tests your GP orders, without a referral. Today!

Walk-in clinics

Come in for a blood test, book an appointment or just walk-in.

No time for a visit?

Get one of our UK MHRA approved home kits.

Blood science

State-of-the-art laboratory, CQC regulated and EQA verified.

Booking your clinic visit

Booking a blood test at our Maidstone clinic is straightforward:

1. Choose a blood test

Browse through our comprehensive range of blood tests to find your ideal panel. Use our Quick Finder and answer a selection of questions to find your perfect test or browse our A-Z list.

2. Choose a clinic appointment time

Use our booking system to reserve a time and date that works for you at our Maidstone clinic. Our phlebotomists offer capillary sampling and venous samples based on your specifications. Please note that some blood tests are specified as ‘venous only’.

3. Receive your results

Once your sample reaches our lab, we’ll process it swiftly so that you can expect your results to be delivered in a secure, password-protected PDF file to ensure privacy and confidentiality on the same day or the following day.

What to expect at your Maidstone clinic visit

Our skilled venipuncture nurses are available to perform blood draws on the same day of your visit, using either the standard venous method or a finger-prick technique if you have challenging veins or prefer a less invasive option.

The cost of our services includes all aspects of the testing, with no need for a GP referral. Typically, you can expect to receive your results on the same day or the following day, although some tests may require additional time. Please check with us if your test results are time-sensitive.

Receiving results and managing your health

Once your samples are processed, your results are quickly sent in a secure, password-protected PDF file. Your results will also be available on our Health Dashboard, a crucial tool for assessing your results and tracking changes and patterns. The Health Dashboard allows you to monitor your biomarkers over time, helping you make informed decisions and implement lifestyle adjustments based on your health data.

Our streamlined subscription service

Maximise the benefits of our subscription service for comprehensive health management while also saving money. Take advantage of reduced prices on future tests and continuous monitoring via our easy-to-use, secure Health Dashboard. With our flexible subscription options, there are no minimum test requirements, and you can choose between home test kits and in-clinic appointments. Simplify your health management like never before.

Trusted expertise

At One Day Tests, our commitment to delivering precise and reliable results is underpinned by our highly experienced medical professionals. Our extensive array of tests meets the stringent quality and accuracy standards of those conducted by your GP, with all processing carried out in rigorously regulated diagnostic labs.

Each explanation of our biomarkers is directly provided by our in-house UK GPs, who bring extensive knowledge and experience to their roles. Moreover, our CQC-registered Pathology Laboratory and phlebotomy clinics uphold the highest standards of quality and safety, ensuring that you can confidently trust our healthcare services.

Custom testing solutions

If you have specific health monitoring needs or are unsure of the best tests for your circumstances, One Day Tests is here to help. Our laboratory offers the flexibility to create tailored testing panels that perfectly match your individual requirements. Whether you need a bespoke panel designed to monitor specific conditions, track certain biomarkers, or address unique health concerns, our team can assist in assembling the right tests for you.

You can reach us by calling 0845 527 07 67, messaging us via WhatsApp, or sending an email to We are dedicated to helping you understand and manage your health with precise, tailored testing solutions.

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