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Our Cambridge clinic is now open. Book now!
Our Cambridge clinic is now open. Book now!


A convenient, confidential and comprehensive solution for women's health

One Day Tests provide personalised, comprehensive blood tests designed specifically for women. Visit our clinics for an in-person appointment or get easy home blood test kits delivered to your doorstep. For every test, our own CQC-regulated lab ensures rapid, reliable results - often within 24 hours.

Our mission is to empower you to take control of your health, without the need for GP referrals. Say goodbye to the hassle of organising appointments and worryingly long waiting lists that leave you in the dark about your health. From monitoring hormone levels and assessing fertility to checking for nutritional deficiencies, we've got you covered with over 300+ biomarkers available to test. 

We offer clear, easy-to-understand results with expert commentary, ensuring your health is in your hands. Start your wellness journey with us today and experience healthcare on your terms - quick, confidential, and catered to your unique needs.

Browse Blood Tests for Women

  • Original price £49.00 - Original price £49.00
    Original price
    £49.00 - £49.00
    Current price £49.00
    HCG is a hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy. Take an HCG blood test to confirm and monitor the progress of your ...
    Biomarkers: 1

    About the test Are you expecting or planning to start a family? Would you like to find out as early as possible if you are pregnant? You need the q...

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  • Original price £75.00 - Original price £75.00
    Original price
    £75.00 - £75.00
    Current price £75.00
    Take this test to assess your levels of crucial female hormones, as well as thyroid hormones, which play a role in regulating f...
    Biomarkers: 9

    Our Female Hormone Blood Test Gain a deeper understanding of your health with our Female Hormone Blood Test. This comprehensive test analyses key h...

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  • Original price £155.00
    Original price £155.00 - Original price £155.00
    Original price £155.00
    Current price £139.00
    £139.00 - £139.00
    Current price £139.00
    Designed for health conscious women who believe in proactive health management, this test is an ideal annual health review.
    Biomarkers: 47

    Feel your best with the insights from One Day Tests Ultimate Healthy Woman Blood Test. Going beyond routine checks, our comprehensive home kit unlo...

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  • Original price £79.00 - Original price £79.00
    Original price
    £79.00 - £79.00
    Current price £79.00
    Take this test to investigate potential causes of hair thinning or loss in women including hormone imbalance, thyroid problems,...
    Biomarkers: 25

    Our Female Hair Loss Blood Test Understand the root causes of your hair loss with our Female Hair Loss Blood Test. This comprehensive at-home test ...

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Tailored Health Solutions for Every Stage of Life

Empowering Young Women: Own Your Health Journey

As a young woman, making independent health decisions can be daunting amidst the noise of social media and various influences. One Day Tests offers you clarity and control over your health, providing comprehensive blood tests that address your unique needs. 

Guiding Middle-Aged Women: Navigating Health Transitions

Navigating health decisions when you’re over 40 can be complex, especially with inputs from family, employers and healthcare professionals. One Day Tests offers you reliable, personalised health solutions, giving you confidence in your health choices as you face life's transitions.


Harness the Power of Personal Health Tracking With Our Health Dashboard

Choosing One Day Tests gives you access to our innovative Health Dashboard, a crucial tool in understanding your blood test results. Regardless of your stage in life, it offers insightful analysis and clinical commentary, giving you a complete overview of your health status. Compare results from multiple tests over time, track your health progress and make informed decisions. It's proactive health management made simple.


Smart Savings on Regular Blood Tests With Subscriptions

To ensure regular health monitoring is affordable and convenient, One Day Tests offers a flexible subscription plan. Ideal for women who value frequent health checks, this plan offers discounted rates on regular blood tests, with no minimum requirements. Pause or cancel at your convenience and gain control over your health while saving money.


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How We Provide Unique Solutions for Women’s Health Needs

  • Enlightening Your Health Journey: Many of us underestimate the value of regular health check-ups and blood tests in safeguarding our well-being. At One Day Tests, we make a deeper understanding of your health more accessible with 300+ biomarkers available for testing and a unique Health Dashboard tool that explains what your results mean. 

  • Affordable Health Monitoring: Financial concerns should never deter you from prioritising your health. Our transparent pricing allows you to make decisions up-front, while our subscription offer means you get discounted rates for regular testing.

  • Your Health on Your Schedule: Balancing busy lifestyles with health commitments can be tough. With our convenient kits, you can arrange and complete blood tests from the comfort of your home, around your schedule. We make healthcare convenient and flexible and our streamlined testing process in our private laboratory means rapid results every time.

  • Discreet and Secure Healthcare: Your privacy is our priority. We ensure the utmost confidentiality in handling your personal health information and blood test results, sending them via email, in a password-protected, secure PDF file. We always ensure a secure and worry-free experience.

  • Simplified Explanations of Results: Medical jargon can be confusing. We provide clear, easy-to-understand results that help you to interpret your health data effectively. In turn, this empowers you to make better-informed decisions about your health and well-being. 

  • Reliable Expertise: Finding reliable health providers and understanding your options can be daunting. We strictly adhere to regulatory governance rules set by the Care Quality Commission, ensuring continuous monitoring of analysers and results against manufacturer controls and calibrators. Trust in recognised expertise.

  • Empowering Your Proactive and Personalised Healthcare: We understand the desire for optimal health. The ability to tailor blood tests and panels to your needs allows you to monitor and optimise your health proactively. Our bespoke blood testing process allows you to identify potential health concerns and take preventive measures.

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Not Sure Which Blood Test Is Right For You?

If you're uncertain about the specific test you require, or if you have a unique panel in mind, feel free to reach out to us. Our team of experts is available to provide personalised guidance on the testing process.

You can contact us by calling 0845 527 07 67, sending an email to, or reaching out to us via WhatsApp - we are usually online!

We are more than capable of accommodating requests for customised panels. As we operate our own laboratory, we have the flexibility to create any panel that meets your requirements.

Start Your Proactive Health Journey Today

Embrace the simplicity and convenience of One Day Tests, where we put your health in your hands. Whether you're a young woman taking charge of your health or a middle-aged woman navigating life's transitions, our personalised blood testing services are your perfect ally.

Join us in revolutionising women's health management. Explore our range of bespoke blood tests. With One Day Tests, it's always healthcare on your terms.