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Our Cambridge clinic is now open. Book now!
Our Cambridge clinic is now open. Book now!


Finger prick kit for next day results. We can test for 300+ biomarkers, covered by a retest guarantee.

If you are too far from one of our clinics, you can send us your sample using a home kit, for same or next day results from when we receive the sample in our labs.

Our laboratory is calibrated for both venous and capillary blood samples. This means we can offer most of our venous tests (walk-in clinic phlebotomy) in a home test kit format. The results are the same and you will have the convenience of doing your sample at home.

Our retest guarantee: We build our kits to work first time, and they do work extremely well. However, should you require a retest or it doesn't quite go smoothly on the day - we'll send you another kit, absolutely free. We are with you for the long run, helping you look after your health.

For any test that you buy as a home kit, we will send you a sample collection box (it's a small box in discreet packaging), where you will find everything you need to collect a blood sample from your finger, at home. This is an easy and safe procedure, it takes about 10-15 minutes in the comfort of your home.

You then send the collected sample back to our laboratory, the same day, in a pre-paid envelope at the post office.

Your sample will come back to us via Royal Mail Tracked 24 (please take it to the Post Office before 12:00).

Or you can drop it off at any of our clinics, this is the quickest option, as we get samples in our laboratory the same day you drop them off.

If you drop it off at a post box - it will (most likely) not get to us the next day. So please take it to the post office in the morning, right after you finished taking the sample.

We aim to test all of your blood the same day we receive it in the lab. However, there are some biomarkers that require a little preparation, these will be ready in accordance with their turnaround time.

How to take your blood sample at home

In this video our Clinical Director, Dr. Adam Staten, explains how the sample should be taken at home, so that the results are in the best possible state when they arrive at our diagnostics laboratory.

MHRA Regulated IVD Blood Collection Kit

We put a lot of clinical research into the kit - your sample will arrive to us in the best condition possible.

Our kit was meticulously designed by our clinical team and registered as an IVD medical device with the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Whilst there are quite a few generic kits on the market, none of them did what we wanted our kit to do - keep the sample preserved for as long as possible and allow you to easily collect the sample in the first place. So we designed and built our own.

The kit is the result of almost 12 months of research, clinical trials and focus groups. Everything in the kit is designed to make your sample collection easier.

  • The tubes are fused with specially designed holders, allowing them to be much larger in size, even though the actual volume tiny. This makes the whole process a lot less fiddly and tubes very stable.
  • The ridge of the tube is equipped with a specially coated "guard" that makes the blood easily separate from your finger, with the lightest of touches.
  • The inside of the tube is coated with medical silicone spray that makes the blood flow down the tube easily (every single minute drop) and not dry out at the top.
  • The caps are not screw-on but pushed, so you can do it easily with one hand.
  • We use premium coating on all of the tubes inner walls that preserve the blood for longer periods of time. This also means that we need less blood for your tests - about 10 large drops.
  • The lancets have near-zero failure rate, so rest assured that the blood will flow in exactly the quantities needed, all you have to do is to follow the simple instructions that come with the kit. Top tip - warm your hands up a bit before collecting the sample!

Getting the sample back to our lab

This is the easy part. Simply take it to the post office in the morning, before midday, after you have taken the sample (same day).

Please do not post on a Friday, you can only post Monday to Thursday, at the post office.

To make sure the blood is not delayed in transit, the samples with our transit codes are put onto the priority routing schedule, which means that samples take priority over anything else on the network.

As a result, we get your sample in the lab in the morning and can analyse it the same day.

If the sample is delayed and your blood is unsuitable for testing - we will send you another kit, free of charge, so you can order with confidence.

The end result - convenience and reliability.

Book a test and get results, it's that simple. No appointment, no GP referral and a huge range of routine and specialised testing available to you at a click of a button.

These are the same tests that your GP would order, tested in the same CQC registered diagnostics laboratory in the UK. In fact, it is run in our own laboratory.

We do not outsource the most important part of the test, the testing itself, to anyone. Your sample will be analysed in our own accredited laboratory that we operate in-house and therefore take full responsibility for in terms of accuracy and reliability.

All of our testing is independently monitored and verified by the Biorad Diagnostics Laboratory External Quality Assessment Scheme in the UK (EQAS). This is very similar to "mystery shopper" that you would have heard of, no doubt. For every single test that we do we are continuously send a random sample with values known to EQAS but unknown to the lab. We analyse it the same way as we would any other sample and send it back to EQAS. We have to be accurate, every time. And we are, every single time.

It's your body, look after it.

The health Dashboard allows you to track your results over time with our subscription service, giving you up to 40% off our tests. No need to wait, no need for an appointment, click, sample, track.

All of our tests are accompanied with GP interpretation notes and and explanations. All of the biomarkers are explained, all of the reference ranges supplied.

For tests that form a panel, such as "Essential All Systems Blood Test" you will receive panel-level interpretation of your results.

All of our tests are no risk, if for whatever reason it does not work we will not charge you again, you can come in for free appointment at one of our clinics or we will send you another kit, absolutely free.

Quick test finder

Quick test finder

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