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Our Cambridge clinic is now open. Book now!
Our Cambridge clinic is now open. Book now!


Hello! My name is Lana Nela, I am the Lead Nurse and I look forward to welcoming you at our clinics.


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Walk-In Blood Test Clinics at One Day Tests

One Day Tests offers a convenient and efficient solution for your health testing needs with our walk-in blood test clinics. Our clinics are designed to provide a quick, seamless, and hassle-free experience for those needing immediate blood tests, no GP referral needed.

We provide the flexibility of both pre-booked and walk-in appointments. While we gladly accept walk-in patients during our operating hours, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment in advance. This ensures minimal waiting time, as those with booked appointments are prioritised.

For added convenience, you have the option to fully pre-pay for your tests and arrange your appointment online, streamlining your visit and saving valuable time at the clinic.

Effortless walk-in blood tests at One Day Tests clinics

Our clinics offer both pre-booked and walk-in blood test services. While we prioritise scheduled appointments, we strive to accommodate all visitors promptly.

Our comprehensive range of tests, executed in our state-of-the-art, CQC-regulated laboratories, covers everything from routine checks to specialised diagnostics. Whether it’s monitoring chronic conditions, family health history, or general wellness, our clinics provide a seamless and efficient testing experience.

How does it work?

Our experienced phlebotomists will guide you through the process, whether you prefer traditional venipuncture or the less invasive capillary method. We cater to all patients, including those who may be apprehensive about blood tests, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free experience. Our service is included in the price of all tests.

Choose from over 300 biomarkers. We also offer at-home sample collection kits and the option for home visits if preferred.

Your blood test results are generally ready on the same day that your sample reaches our lab. You will receive your results securely through a password-protected PDF file sent to your email, ensuring confidentiality and easy access.

Receive your results

Your blood test results will be available on our Health Dashboard. This tool empowers you to actively manage and track your health with ease and is designed to help with the following:

  • Monitor Biomarkers: Keep a close eye on various biomarkers and comprehend their importance to your health.

  • Results within Reference Ranges: View your test results concerning standard reference ranges, helping you understand where you stand health-wise.

  • Interpret Results: Gain insights into results that fall outside lab reference ranges and what they might indicate.

  • Spot Health Trends: The dashboard allows you to spot and monitor trends in your health over time, making it easier to identify patterns and make necessary lifestyle adjustments.

Discover our Health Dashboard

Streamlined health monitoring

One Day Tests offers an innovative approach to regular health monitoring with our flexible subscription service, delivering up to 30% savings on over 300 available biomarkers and panels. Whether you prefer the convenience of our clinic appointments or the comfort of home test kits, our service adapts to your lifestyle, ensuring health management is effortless and cost-effective.

Every blood test we offer is designed to accommodate your individual needs. Whether you're looking for a one-time assessment or continuous health monitoring, you can either select a single test or subscribe to a recurring plan. With the subscription option, we manage all the details for you, from delivering test kits to your home to scheduling in-clinic appointments that align with your testing frequency.

To get started, simply pick the test you require and choose the 'Subscription plan' option to benefit from regular testing with ease and convenience.

Learn about our subscriptions

Take control of your health by booking an appointment today

When you’re looking to take charge of your health with ease and convenience, visit a One Day Tests clinic near you for a walk-in blood test today. Whether you have specific health concerns or just want a general blood test check-up, our clinics are equipped to meet your needs on your schedule.

For guidance on our wide range of tests or any specific queries, feel free to contact us directly at 0845 527 07 67, or reach out via WhatsApp for prompt assistance.

Don’t wait for appointments or referrals. Take control of your health journey with the flexibility of walk-in tests at our clinics. With One Day Tests, managing your health has never been more straightforward or convenient.


No problem. Most of our tests are available as a home sample collection. There is no difference in accuracy and you will have your results in no time.
A home kit for every test, click me. (Psst, we also do home visits!)