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Pediatric Phlebotomy for children aged 5 years and older

One Day Tests are proud to be able to offer blood tests to children as well as adults. 

We are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and certified for paediatric phlebotomy to provide blood tests for children aged 5 years and older in a selection of our clinics. 

This is not a service that is available in all of our clinics, so please read this carefully, as it is important that a paediatrics procedure is followed.

How to book your child in for a blood test with One Day Tests

We have the following booking procedures for paediatric phlebotomy - depending on the age of your child. 

If you are booking for your child, please make sure that the account is in the child’s name, not yours. You can pay as you, this is done at the checkout, but the actual account has to be in the name of the person we are testing, including their correct DOB and gender.

  • Children from 16 years old and older:

For children from 16 years old and older the blood test can be booked and paid online or you can just walk-in in any of our clinics without the need to provide a GP referral letter. 

  • Children from 5 years old to 16 years old:

For children aged between 5 and 16 years old you will have to make a booking via our Customer Service Team. This is the only way to book your child in. You cannot use the walk-in as we will not be able to provide a service for your child.

When you contact our customer services team, you will be requested to provide a referral letter from your GP or treating medical professional (paediatrician), for all the tests that you would like us to perform. 

We will only be able to perform the tests that are on the request form.

Please email this to, together with your preferred clinic and we will book you to the nearest clinic where there is a paediatric phlebotomist on duty. 

Please note that not all of our clinics offer paediatric phlebotomy and the nearest to you might be in another town.

Paediatric phlebotomy may also be provided to those who attend an appointment with a test request from a third party pathology laboratory, in which case we will need to see such a request as well. This service should also be booked via our Customer Services team.

One Day Tests does not provide walk-in paediatric phlebotomy for children younger than 16 years old.

What to expect on the day

Pre-appointment tips

It is very important to inform your child about the test in advance. Please speak positively and calmly about the test to assure them that it is a good thing they will be doing.

Make sure your child is well hydrated prior to the appointment, and in cold weather make sure your child is warm as this makes blood taking easier.

Numbing Cream

If your child requires a numbing (freezing) spray, this will be provided on request and applied by the phlebotomist. 

If you wish to use a numbing cream, for example, Emla  - you can get this from your GP or it can be purchased from a pharmacy for less than £5. Please apply the Emla cream prior to your arrival in 45 - 60 minutes before the appointment time and follow instructions carefully. 

It needs applying to the inner creases of both elbow joints and either wrapped in cling film around the arm to secure the cream or apply a dressing with no absorbent padding. Please do not cover it with the plaster provided with some creams as it will be itself painful to take it out before the procedure. 

Blood taking process

The phlebotomist will then squeeze the arm or apply a tourniquet on your child arm, this makes the vein fill up with blood and makes it easier for the blood sample to be taken.

A needle is then inserted into the vein, and the sample is taken. Once the needle is removed, cotton wool will compress the wound. This will prevent any further bleeding.  A sticky plaster is then put on which can be removed at home.

You can help your child feel relaxed throughout the test by distracting them with toys or playing cartoons on a mobile or tablet. Make them feel calm and start a conversation about a different topic to take their mind off things.

You may be asked to help hold your child, especially if they are younger to help them stay still. Please feel free to bring an additional adult family member if this will help distract or support your child whilst having a blood test. 

Special Instructions

Please check in advance if there are any special instructions prior taking the test:

Generally any instructions are on the page for the test you are ordering, under the Special Instructions section.

Fasting blood test (please make sure that you only book between 8am to 9.00am). Your child must not eat or drink anything for 12 hours before their blood test. A small amount of water is allowed during this time to keep your child hydrated. Please bring a snack or breakfast for once the test is completed so your child is fasted for any longer during than necessary.

If you feel that your child may need some extra time for their appointment a double slot can be booked at a 50% reduced rate.

Follow Up

Please be aware that One Day Tests does not provide interpretation or follow up of children’s blood tests. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that the results are returned to the requesting clinician.

Next Steps

If you would like to book your child in for a blood test or have some questions please get in touch with our customer services team at or alternatively you can call our team Monday to Friday on 0845 527 07 67 from 8.00 - 12.00.