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Our Cambridge clinic is now open. Book now!
Our Cambridge clinic is now open. Book now!


Prioritising Men's Health with Ease and Precision

One Day Tests provides convenient blood testing for over 300 biomarkers, with tests tailored specifically for men. Opt for our easy home blood test kits or in-clinic services, both designed to deliver rapid, reliable results from our CQC-regulated lab.

Bypass the hassle of GP referrals, tedious appointments, and long waiting lists. We offer comprehensive testing for everything from hair loss to testosterone, providing insights into hormone levels, heart disease risk, diabetes, and more.

With our clear results and accompanying commentary, we put your health back into your hands. Embark on a wellness journey with us for fast, confidential, and customised healthcare.

Browse Blood Tests for Men

  • Original price £34.00
    Original price £34.00 - Original price £34.00
    Original price £34.00
    Current price £29.00
    £29.00 - £29.00
    Current price £29.00
    The measure of testosterone can help diagnose conditions such as hypogonadism, infertility, and certain types of hormonal imbal...
    Biomarkers: 1

    Testosterone is essential for libido, fertility, mood, muscle strength, and bone health in both men and women. Our test provides clarity into your ...

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  • Original price £155.00
    Original price £155.00 - Original price £155.00
    Original price £155.00
    Current price £139.00
    £139.00 - £139.00
    Current price £139.00
    Designed for health conscious men who believe in proactive health management, this test is an ideal annual health review.
    Biomarkers: 45

    Staying on top of your health requires an in-depth understanding of various facets of your well-being. With the Ultimate Healthy Man Blood Test, yo...

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  • Original price £90.00 - Original price £90.00
    Original price
    £90.00 - £90.00
    Current price £90.00
    A comprehensive hormone profile to help men gain valuable hormonal insights in measuring key hormones like testosterone, DHEA, ...
    Biomarkers: 10

    Our Male Hormone Blood Test offers valuable insights for men looking to measure key hormones like testosterone, DHEA, LH and FSH. Whether you are e...

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  • Original price £79.00 - Original price £79.00
    Original price
    £79.00 - £79.00
    Current price £79.00
    Investigate potential causes of hair thinning or loss in men including hormone imbalance, thyroid problems, low vitamin B12 and...
    Biomarkers: 22

    Worried about thinning hair or receding hairline? One Day Tests Male Hair Loss Blood Test provides answers. This at-home test analyses key biomarke...

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Men’s Blood Tests for Every Stage of Life

Capture Your Prime With Precision Health Tracking

Our service gives young men the perfect ally to monitor hormone levels affecting their energy, mood, sexual health, and muscle development. Establish a health baseline and preempt potential issues with our comprehensive blood tests. We make it easy for you to harness your vitality and sustain your prime.


Stay Ahead With Timely Health Insights

For men over their 40s, health is a precious asset that requires constant vigilance. With One Day Tests, you can track potential risks such as heart disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Our comprehensive blood tests are your key to early detection and effective management of these conditions. We also cater to your changing needs with tests for hormone levels and hair health. With us, you stay in control, keep pace with your changing body and live your best life.


Empower Your Health Journey with Our Health Dashboard

Choosing One Day Tests equips you with our innovative Health Dashboard for free. No matter what stage of life you're in, it delivers a comprehensive analysis and professional interpretation of your blood test results. Contrast your test outcomes over time, trace your health's trajectory, and make decisive health choices. It's self-driven health management for men, simplified.


Maximise Your Health Investment With Subscription Discounts

To make recurrent health monitoring cost-effective and seamless, One Day Tests has devised a flexible subscription plan. Tailored for men who understand the importance of routine health checks, this plan grants you discounted rates on regular blood tests without imposing any minimum commitments. Put your subscription on hold or cancel at your discretion - take the reins of your health while optimising your budget.


Serving Men’s Health Needs With Innovative Solutions

Pinpoint Nutritional Deficiencies

Navigating the complexities of nutritional imbalances can be overwhelming, whether for diet or training purposes. We simplify this journey by offering a number of blood tests for nutrient deficiency, paving the way for a balanced diet and peak wellness. Unearth the secrets of your body’s nutritional needs, and thrive.

Monitor Hormone Levels Effectively

Hormonal imbalances can silently affect your mood, energy, and sexual well-being. One Day Tests brings this invisible dialogue to light. Our range of testable biomarkers and easy-to-use home test kits let you stay on top of your hormonal health, empowering you to regain balance and control.

Enjoy Total Confidentiality, Guaranteed

Your health journey is personal. Our secure home kits and encrypted digital results ensure your data stays private. Your blood test results are sent via email in a password-protected, secure PDF file. Take control of your health with complete peace of mind.

Skip Hospital Hassle

The path to health should not be a maze. One Day Tests is your trustworthy guide. Our streamlined process simplifies your healthcare journey, making it easy to manage your health from the comfort of your home.

Be Empowered to Make Informed Treatment Decisions

Choosing the right treatment options shouldn't feel like a shot in the dark. One Day Tests illuminates the path. Our precise results and panel-level commentary pave the way for effective treatments, equipping you with the insights needed for informed health decisions.

Experience Healthcare Tailored to Your Tempo

Busy lifestyles shouldn't stand in the way of optimal health. One Day Tests sync with your pace of life. Our convenient home test kits fit seamlessly into your schedule, making time-consuming hospital visits a thing of the past.

Expand Your Health Horizons

Limited awareness shouldn’t be a barrier to superior health. One Day Tests turn the unknown into the known. With over 300 biomarkers available for testing, we illuminate hidden health insights, empowering you to stay proactive and informed.

Get Health Mysteries Decoded

Interpreting test results shouldn't require a medical degree. One Day Tests make sense of the science. Our team of experts decode your results, transforming medical data into clear, actionable health insights.

Not Sure Which Blood Test Is Right For You?

For any questions about your test needs, or if you have a custom panel in mind, don't hesitate to contact our expert team. You can reach us at 0845 527 07 67,, or through WhatsApp - we're frequently online!

We can also easily fulfil requests for personalised panels. With our in-house laboratory, we have the flexibility to create panels that align with your specific requirements.

Take Control of Your Health Today

Take the first step towards proactive health management. Choose One Day Tests, where we prioritise your health and make tracking it simpler and faster. With confidentiality assured, the time to prioritise your wellness is now.

Start your health journey with us. Because when it comes to health, every day counts.