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Our Cambridge clinic is now open. Book now!


Convenience Meets Care: Your Health, Your Schedule

Balance professional commitments, family life, and health optimisation effortlessly with One Day Tests. We understand the health concerns that come with ageing and offer comprehensive home blood test kits with a number of tests beneficial for men approaching or in the midst of middle age. 

Gain crucial insights into your health, including PSA levels, heart disease risk, diabetes indicators, cholesterol levels, and hormone balances, right from the comfort of your home. We equip you with the power of knowledge, fast results, and expert medical support, so you can face your health head-on with confidence. 

Harness our commitment to convenience, confidentiality, and clear, actionable results to stay proactive in your health journey, prioritising well-being without compromise. With One Day Tests, ageing doesn't mean slowing down; it means moving forward with assurance.

Find the Best Blood Tests for Middle-Aged Men

We boast a comprehensive array of blood tests, with many designed for the specific needs of men embracing their prime. Our in-house laboratory's flexibility allows us to handle unique panel requests, ensuring we're adeptly prepared to meet your distinct health requirements with accuracy and simplicity.

Some of our most popular blood tests for men over 40 include:

  • Original price £95.00 - Original price £95.00
    Original price
    £95.00 - £95.00
    Current price £95.00
    Free and Total PSA measurement to help screen for prostate cancer and monitor prostate health. Perfect test to combine with ful...
    Biomarkers: 2

    About the Ultimate PSA Blood Test Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) is a protein that is produced by the prostate. Although the protein is produced b...

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  • Original price £34.00
    Original price £34.00 - Original price £34.00
    Original price £34.00
    Current price £29.00
    £29.00 - £29.00
    Current price £29.00
    The measure of testosterone can help diagnose conditions such as hypogonadism, infertility, and certain types of hormonal imbal...
    Biomarkers: 1

    Testosterone is essential for libido, fertility, mood, muscle strength, and bone health in both men and women. Our test provides clarity into your ...

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  • Original price £155.00
    Original price £155.00 - Original price £155.00
    Original price £155.00
    Current price £139.00
    £139.00 - £139.00
    Current price £139.00
    Designed for health conscious men who believe in proactive health management, this test is an ideal annual health review.
    Biomarkers: 45

    Staying on top of your health requires an in-depth understanding of various facets of your well-being. With the Ultimate Healthy Man Blood Test, yo...

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  • Original price £90.00 - Original price £90.00
    Original price
    £90.00 - £90.00
    Current price £90.00
    A comprehensive hormone profile to help men gain valuable hormonal insights in measuring key hormones like testosterone, DHEA, ...
    Biomarkers: 10

    Our Male Hormone Blood Test offers valuable insights for men looking to measure key hormones like testosterone, DHEA, LH and FSH. Whether you are e...

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Take Control With Our Personalised Health Dashboard

We realise how vital understanding your health is, particularly during middle age. Our innovative Health Dashboard is included with all our blood tests. This confidential online tool offers you a detailed and comprehensible breakdown of your blood test results, adjusted for the specific concerns of ageing men. Watch your health trends over time, understand risk factors, and take proactive steps towards a healthier life. Make well-informed decisions about your health with a simple, user-friendly interface that demystifies complex medical data.


Secure Your Health and Your Wallet With Our Subscription Discount

Planning for long-term health management doesn't have to strain your budget. One Day Tests offer a flexible subscription plan perfect for middle-aged men seeking regular health checks. Benefit from reduced rates for recurring blood tests, with the freedom to adjust, pause, or end your subscription as your needs change. Stay proactive about your health without compromising on your financial commitments. Investing in your health is a priority, and with One Day Tests, it's also a value.


How We Pave Your Way to an Improved Healthcare Experience

Staying Ahead of Age-Related Health Concerns

Navigating the journey of ageing isn't always straightforward. It comes with unique health challenges, like hormonal changes and an increased risk of chronic diseases. One Day Tests transform these challenges into proactive opportunities. We offer specific blood tests to track age-related health markers, ensuring you have the crucial insights to stay ahead of potential health issues.

Optimising Health Condition Management

Having existing health conditions or being at a higher risk for certain diseases can feel daunting. We make managing these concerns easier. Opting for our regular blood tests is an effective tool to monitor the success of your treatments, manage your chronic conditions, and chart your progress in disease prevention. Remember, knowledge is the first step to better health.

Simplifying the Healthcare Journey

Navigating the healthcare system can be confusing, from finding reputable providers to interpreting test results. One Day Tests are your reliable healthcare partner in this journey. We guide you through the process of ordering tests, offer a jargon-free interpretation of results, and ensure you're empowered to make informed decisions. With us, healthcare doesn’t have to be a labyrinth.

Prioritising Privacy and Confidentiality

Your health data is personal and deserves the utmost privacy and confidentiality. Our services are designed to prioritise your data privacy. Our home test kits and encrypted digital results ensure your personal health information remains strictly confidential. Peace of mind isn't just a promise - it's a commitment.

Ensuring Convenience and Accessibility

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, finding time for health checks can be challenging. One Day Tests provide convenient, accessible solutions. Our home test kits fit seamlessly into your schedule, allowing you to manage your health without disrupting your routine. Now, prioritising your wellness doesn't mean compromising your time.

Promoting Proactive Health Monitoring and Prevention

Proactive health monitoring is the key to prevention. For men seeking to secure their future health, One Day Tests offer a comprehensive range of blood tests. These tests allow you to gain vital insights into your current health status and potential risks, equipping you with the power to prevent future health issues. With us, proactive health monitoring becomes a seamless part of your life.

Not Sure Which Blood Test Is Right for You?

We are ready and available to help with any queries about what blood test is right for you. Our experts are also more than happy to discuss your bespoke panel needs with them. We're available via 0845 527 07 67, through, or WhatsApp- we’re usually online!

Take the First Step Towards a Healthier Future Today

Begin your proactive health journey with confidence and convenience, optimising your well-being without compromise. Choose a test from our vast range of offerings or contact our experts for personalised advice. Your health is your wealth: invest wisely.