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Our Cambridge clinic is now open. Book now!
Our Cambridge clinic is now open. Book now!


Hello, my name is Dr. Marco Esposito and I am the Scientific Officer here at One Day Tests. I'll explain how it all works.

How does our service work?

Here you will find information on how the One Day Tests service works and answers to most commonly asked questions.

No GP referral is required for any of our tests if you are 16 or over. Under 16s require a referral from a doctor and a parent/guardian present. We are not able to offer tests for children under 4.

All of our tests are available as:

  • a home kit (choose "Home kit" when adding the test to your shopping basket).
  • in the clinic (choose "Walk-in clinic" when adding the test to your shopping basket and also add an appointment time to the basket).

So, you can book whatever test you need, whenever you need it. These are the same tests that would be ordered by your GPs, and are run in the same regulated diagnostics labs, here in the UK. There is no difference, apart from a much faster turnaround time. We run our own in-house laboratories and aim to process most tests the same day.

Monitoring and prevention is essential, and here is our Clinical Director, Dr. Adam Staten, explaining why it is important to have the power to manage your health and do so with access to basic building blocks of healthcare - an accessible and convenient blood testing service.

Choosing your test

We offer over 300 specialised and routine biomarkers for you to choose from.

You can pick a test for just one biomarker, like HbA1c or Rheumatoid Factor (RF), or order a profile (a collection of biomarkers), such as Essential All Systems Blood Test, Ultimate Thyroid Function Blood Test, Advanced Liver Function Blood Test and many other comprehensive panels.

You can also pick a test using our symptoms picker, for example "constant fatigue" or "stomach pain" or go for pre-made symptoms panels, such as Female Hair Loss or Ultimate Healthy Man Blood Test.

I don't know what I need or I have a custom request.

If you are not sure what test you need or have a custom panel, or have a question - give us a call and speak to a human, we'd be happy to talk you through how it works.

Our number is 0845 527 07 67, or you can send us an email on Or you can WhatsApp us, we are usually online :)

Very often we are asked to put together a custom panel - this is not a problem at all, we run our own laboratory and can build any panel you like.

Blood sample collection method

On the page of every test you can choose your blood collection method. There are three options:

  • Home sample collection kit
  • Clinic appointment
  • Home visit

These methods are explained in detail below, starting with the home sample collection kit.

Home sample collection kit

This is the most convenient option if you are not in an immediate rush. We will send you the home kit for capillary sample collection. You will do the procedure at home and return the kit to us. All postage is prepaid and the cost of the kit is included in the price you see.

You will have results the same day we receive your sample at our lab, which is usually overnight, so if you post today before 12, you will usually have your results tomorrow.

We get asked often if the results are different with capillary sample. No, they are the same, providing you follow the instructions and we get the kit in the lab the next day. Which we do in 99% of cases using DPD as our dedicated provider. They have a priority routing network just for our blood samples, so it will get to us on time. If not, we'll send you a new kit, free of charge.

The kit contains clear, step by step instructions for what to do and how to get a sample. You will be fine, we've put a lot of research into it and the feedback we get is excellent.

Once we receive your sample in our lab you will usually have your results emailed to you the same day. They will also be uploaded to your secure Health Dashboard.

From Dr. Adam Staten

Clinic appointment or walk-in

Choose this option if you would like help getting the sample or you need the results today.

The cost of the phlebotomy visit is included in the price you see.

We run our own walk-in clinics where you can come in and we will take your blood sample from your vein. Our nurses are superb and it's usually quick and painless.

At all of our phlebotomy clinics we also offer a capillary option, the finger prick. It could be that you prefer a finger prick to a venous sample, or your veins are problematic or collapse. There are many reasons why a sample from your vein may not be easily obtainable and that's not a problem, we'll do capillary, for the same results, there is no difference.

Once you have come in for an appointment you will normally have results back the same day.

Home visit appointment

This service is not nationwide yet, but we do have coverage in the South East, so if this is your preferred option - get us to come to you! All of our staff are fully trained in mobile phlebotomy and will come to your home or office to take the sample. Again, the sample can be venous or capillary.

The cost of the home appointment is not included in the price, we will add it on if you select this option at checkout.

Getting your results

Your results will arrive via email, in a password protected, secure PDF file. You can print this file and take it to your GP or requesting healthcare provider, for further consultation.

With all of our tests you will receive description commentary for the biomarkers, how your results fall into the reference ranges and what the results mean if they are above or below the reference range for our laboratory or nationwide averages.

You can track your biomarkers over time in the Health Dashboard, which is an immensely powerful clinical tool aimed at making sure you make the most of your lifestyle and testing routine.

With every test, you can pick a subscription plan or just buy a one-off test. Whatever works for you or fits in with you plans. If you go for a subscription, we will send you kits or make phlebotomy appointments in-line with your chosen test frequency. You can stop anytime, there is no contract or minimum number of tests.

Finally, if there is anything not right with your order, we will repeat your sampling and test (there are a few conditions that apply, but generally we are happy to repeat a test). For example, if the sample is delayed in the post, or the blood clots or hemolysis is observed (perfectly normal and common, by the way), we will send you a new home kit or let you schedule a repeat phlebotomy appointment, when convenient for you.

That's it. If you have any questions, we are here for you, you can use the chat button in the bottom right corner of the website or drop us an email on

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