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Missed Black Friday? Check out our HUGE offers for Christmas!


Comprehensive Home Blood Test Kits Empowering Informed Wellness Management

Navigating life with a chronic illness brings unique challenges. At One Day Tests, we're dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to reclaim control over your health. Our home blood test kits offer a convenient and empowering solution for individuals managing chronic conditions, and no GP referrals are needed. 

Skip the clinic visits and long waits; with our CQC-accredited laboratory and DPD priority network, you can expect swift and accurate results from the comfort of your own home. Discover the tailored insights you need to proactively manage your well-being with our free online Health Dashboard tool. And, subscription discounts mean blood test kits delivered to you at your convenience, for less. 

It's time to embrace a proactive health journey, tailored to you. Browse our tests or contact us to speak to a specialist for tailored advice or custom panels.

Browse Blood Tests for Chronic Conditions

Empowerment Through Health Dashboard Insights

For those navigating the complexities of chronic illness, understanding your health is paramount. That's where our Health Dashboard steps in as an indispensable ally. Gain access to this dynamic tool designed to make sense of your blood test results over time. Unveil the meaning behind the numbers through user-friendly graphs and charts, all accompanied by clear explanations of each biomarker.

Visualise your results from numerous tests in one central hub, spotting trends and fluctuations with ease. What sets our Health Dashboard apart is its clinical commentary, deciphering your levels and outlining the impact of your lifestyle choices on your well-being. You can be your health's own advocate, armed with the knowledge you need to make better-informed decisions. 


Long-term Savings With Subscription Advantages

Chronic illness management necessitates regular monitoring, and consistent testing is vital. That’s why we offer discounted subscription options to ease the financial burden. By erasing cost barriers, we enable you to adopt a proactive stance towards your health.

Tailor your subscription to align with your testing needs, whether it's needed monthly or yearly. Unlock remarkable savings of up to 40% on our extensive range of at-home blood test kits. Embrace the flexibility of being able to pause or cancel anytime, no strings attached. Our subscription kits follow your schedule, making health management an effortless inclusion in your routine. The substantial savings help you to take charge of your well-being and navigate chronic illness with confidence.


How We Simplify Chronic Illness Management

Seamless Testing Delivered to Your Doorstep

Traditional clinic visits can be daunting, especially for those with limited mobility. We understand the frustration of having to prepare for frequent trips for blood tests when even just getting out of bed is a challenge. One Day Tests sends your easy-to-use test kit right to your door, allowing you to collect a sample in the comfort of your own home and return it using the prepaid envelope. No travel needed. 

Fast-track Your Insights, Skip the Wait

Navigating long waiting times for NHS appointments can be agonising, especially when monitoring ongoing health conditions. Waiting fuels anxiety, delaying crucial insights. One Day Tests offers rapid home testing with no GP referral needed. Using our own accredited lab means you often get results delivered within 24 hours. Get peace of mind quicker with our services.

Discover Specialised Insights Beyond NHS Limitations

Chronic illnesses require custom insights, but testing services offered by traditional healthcare often fall short. Monitoring becomes a puzzle with missing pieces, where a lack of relevant testing makes it hard to fully monitor your health status. One Day Tests opens the door to over 300 specialised biomarkers, with the ability to easily order custom panels. Get a complete health picture tailored to your unique needs with us.

Master Your Long-term Health Journey With Easy Tracking

Seeing how your results fluctuate over time provides a fuller picture of your health trajectory. Without proper tracking, it's hard to spot changes. The One Day Tests Health Dashboard neatly tracks all your results in one place, showing trends and shifts that empower you. Access to this invaluable online tool comes free with your blood tests and is completely secure and private.

Break Free from Cost Constraints

Many chronic conditions require regular testing to best inform treatment plans, driving many to private clinics over NHS waiting times. But frequent testing has prohibitive costs that can hinder your path to optimal health. One Day Tests offers discounted subscription plans, saving you up to 40% on the kits needed for ongoing monitoring. This means you can elevate your health monitoring without the financial strain.

Not Sure Which Blood Test Is Right For You?

Navigating testing options can be bewildering, especially for those managing complex chronic conditions. We're here to simplify the process. Our dedicated team is at your service, ready to guide you through our testing process and address your queries.

You can contact us at 0845 527 07 67, send an email to, or reach out to us via WhatsApp for quick replies.

We are more than capable of accommodating requests for customised panels. As we operate our own laboratory, we have the flexibility to create any panel that meets your requirements.

Manage Your Chronic Illness With Peace of Mind

Take control of your well-being with One Day Tests. Whether you're managing chronic illnesses or seeking proactive insights, our tailored blood testing services are designed to support you every step of the way.

Start your journey towards better health today. Explore our comprehensive range of specialised blood tests. Your health is in your hands.