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Maidstone, Exeter and Plymouth are now open!
Maidstone, Exeter and Plymouth are now open!
Hassle-Free Women’s Blood Testing from Home

Hassle-Free Women’s Blood Testing from Home

Navigating a busy lifestyle and juggling multiple responsibilities shouldn’t come at the cost of your health. At One Day Tests, we’ve tailored our services to seamlessly fit into your dynamic life. From the comfort of your home, we offer convenient and accessible blood testing solutions crafted especially for women. With the option of our hassle-free home blood test kits, your health check-up works on your schedule.

Our CQC-regulated lab guarantees promptness with reliable results often available within just 24 hours, eliminating the prolonged wait. You can gain a deep understanding of your hormone levels, assess fertility, or get insights into your nutritional health while avoiding GP referrals and long waiting lists.

With results presented in a straightforward, easily understandable format and coupled with expert commentary, you can prioritise your health without compromising your time.

Ultimate Convenience With At-Home Blood Test Kits

We believe that managing your health should fit seamlessly into your daily routine. Recognising the challenges that come with busy schedules and the difficulty some may face reaching clinics, One Day Tests offers the perfect solution: at-home blood test kits.

Ease and Accuracy Combined

Whether you aren’t able to reach clinics, have been on GP waiting lists for too long, or simply prefer the convenience of an at-home blood testing kit, our services ensure you’re never far from expert health diagnostics. Once you provide us with your sample, you can expect next-day results upon its arrival at our lab.

Our laboratory is adept at handling both venous and capillary blood samples, making it possible for us to convert most of our venous tests into home test kits. Experience the same level of accuracy and reliability as in-clinic tests but with the added benefit of collecting your blood sample whenever suits you, in the comfort of your own home.

Effortless Collection and Return

Every home kit comes discreetly packaged, containing all the essentials for a fuss-free blood sample collection. You’ll be done in just 10-15 minutes, by following our straightforward steps to safely collect a sample from your finger.

Once you’ve collected your sample, simply send it back to our laboratory using the pre-paid envelope. We’ve partnered with Royal Mail, offering Tracked 24 service, ensuring the timely delivery of your samples.

Unwavering Support with One Day Tests

At One Day Tests, we believe that comprehensive health monitoring goes beyond just providing high-quality services. True care ensures that every step of your journey with us is smooth, understandable, and supported. We’re committed to standing by your side, ensuring you’re equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge at all times.

Detailed Kit Instructions

Every at-home blood test kit we send is accompanied by clear, step-by-step instructions. Crafted with the user in mind, these guides make the collection process as straightforward as possible, ensuring you can confidently and correctly collect your sample.

Real-time Online Chats

You will most likely have questions; when you do, we’re just a click away. Our online chat service is available on the Health Dashboard and provides you with knowledgeable biomarker descriptions and reference ranges. Whether you have a query about the test process, need clarity on how to use your kit, or want general information about our services, we are on standby to provide timely and accurate answers.

Post-Test Guidance

Once your results are in, our support doesn’t end. Should you have any questions about your findings or need help understanding them, our Health Dashboard commentary is available to guide you. We strive to ensure that every result is clear, comprehensible, and actionable for you. Still not sure - get in touch with us via our support line, WhatsApp or live chat for support.

Your peace of mind is paramount to us and we ensure support is accessible to all. With One Day Tests, you’re never alone in your health journey. We ensure that every interaction, every test and every result is a step towards a clearer understanding of your health.

Pioneering Accessible Health Monitoring

Traditional private blood tests often present challenges, both in terms of cost and convenience. One Day Tests’ subscription service removes these boundaries, placing a premium on accessibility. By options for our subscription, you can unlock savings of up to 30% on an extensive array of over 300 biomarkers. Our rates for recurring blood tests cater to your budget and schedule, making your health monitoring all the more simplified.

We also know visiting clinics for blood tests can be difficult and stressful. Our innovative Health Dashboard provides an accessible solution.Your results are automatically uploaded to your secure Dashboard, access to which is free with every blood test you order. Track key biomarkers over time through easy-to-understand charts and graphs.

With expert analysis accompanying each result, you don't need medical knowledge to interpret your levels. The Dashboard simplifies monitoring so you can take charge of your health from home. Skip the clinic trip without sacrificing insights.



Start Your Wellness Journey with One Day Tests

Experience a unique blend of accuracy and ease with One Day Tests, where we make your well-being our utmost priority. For the young professional navigating life’s uncertainties to the woman seeking insights amidst life’s transitions, our blood tests offer invaluable insights that are easy to access.

Embark on a journey to proactive women’s health. Choose from our handpicked array of specialised blood tests and take control of your health journey.

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