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Our Cambridge clinic is now open. Book now!
Our Cambridge clinic is now open. Book now!
Enhanced Insights for Women’s Health

Enhanced Insights for Women’s Health

Stay in the know and elevate your health awareness with One Day Tests. We offer a dedicated, insightful approach to women’s health diagnostics. Whether you choose to step into our welcoming clinics or favour the ease of our home blood test kits, we prioritise your convenience and confidentiality. Our CQC-regulated lab delivers accurate results every time - often on the same day.

Our guiding principle is to empower every woman to be the champion of their own health without having to rely on GP referrals or waiting lists. You are in control. Whether it’s understanding hormone fluctuations, evaluating fertility prospects, or determining nutritional balance, our extensive catalogue of over 300+ biomarkers ensures you’re comprehensively informed.

Receive your results in a simple, digestible format, supplemented by expert insights. Your health should be clear to you, and we ensure it is. Start your transformative wellness journey today with One Day Tests.

Health Awareness for Women Across All Ages

For women, understanding their health can be a journey marked by various stages and changes, all of which come with unique challenges. At One Day Tests, we recognise the significance of providing reliable diagnostics to women at every age, emphasising a consistent awareness of their health status.

  • Young Adults: As young women transition into adulthood, hormonal shifts and lifestyle changes can pose health questions. Our blood tests provide a clear picture of your health status, allowing you to make informed decisions.
  • Young Women: In your 20s and 30s, life is bustling with career moves, perhaps starting a family, and personal growth. These years are pivotal for establishing a health baseline. Our tests can help you monitor fertility, track hormonal health, and even detect early signs of lifestyle-related conditions. Take charge now for a healthier future.
  • Middle Age: As women navigate their 40s and 50s, they can encounter a range of health transitions, from hormonal imbalances to the onset of chronic conditions. Our comprehensive tests aid in catching early signs of potential issues, empowering women to proactively manage and understand their health.

  • Women over 50: For older women, health monitoring becomes crucial to ensure quality of life. Our detailed blood tests offer insights into various metrics, from bone health to cardiovascular status, facilitating timely interventions and consistent health awareness. 

Through each life stage, One Day Tests remains committed to delivering precise, timely, and actionable health data. Our goal is clear: to empower every woman with the awareness needed to navigate their health journey with confidence and knowledge.

Simplified Health Tracking

Opting for One Day Tests ensures you benefit from our advanced Health Dashboard, tailored specifically for understanding your blood test results with ease. Whether you’re navigating hormonal changes, fertility concerns, or general wellness checks, the dashboard provides in-depth analysis paired with clinical insights to clarify your health standing. 

Effortlessly compare data from sequential tests, monitor your health trajectory, and make decisions grounded in clarity. With One Day Tests, women’s health management has never been more streamlined or accessible.


One Day Tests’ Subscription Service

Maintaining a regular health check with private blood tests can be both expensive and inconvenient. Our subscription service offers a solution designed to streamline the process while offering up to a 30% discount on over 300 available biomarkers and panels.

Enjoy preferential rates on recurrent blood tests. Whether you desire in-clinic testing or the convenience of home test kits, our service ensures a hassle-free and cost-efficient experience. When you opt for a subscription, we manage all the details - be it dispatching test kits to you or setting up in-clinic appointments based on your preferred schedule.

Bypass the inconvenience of arranging multiple clinic visits. With a subscription, the power to regularly assess your health is at your fingertips. 


How to Choose the Best Test for You

If you’re unsure which test is right for you, we’re here to help. Our seasoned team stands ready to offer tailored advice on selecting the right test.

Get in touch by phone at 0845 527 07 67, drop us an email at, or message us on WhatsApp. With our in-house laboratory, we can easily cater to bespoke testing needs, ensuring you get the exact panel tailored to your specifications.

Take Control of Your Health with One Day Tests

Experience the seamless integration of precision and convenience at One Day Tests, ensuring your health remains a top priority at every stage of life. From young women striving for clarity in their health choices to those in middle age seeking guidance through changing times, our accessible blood testing services are here to support you.

With One Day tests, you’re always in the driver’s seat of your healthcare.

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