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Missed Black Friday? Check out our HUGE offers for Christmas!
Missed Black Friday? Check out our HUGE offers for Christmas!

Blood film analysis and differential count

Blood film analysis and differential count

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£128.00 - £228.00
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Sample collection is included in the price of the test, from your arm at our clinics or via a home finger prick kit.

Results - same or next day for most markers, with Health Dashboard explanations.

Quick and simple, from a local lab you can speak to.

Please choose sample collection option:

If you are having a Full Blood Count test, then we recommend this investigation as part of your automated count. This manual analysis is essential in cases where detailed accuracy is required. What our lab will do is:

  1. Perform the automated analysis on your sample at least twice in the analyser machines
  2. Produce up to 4 manual stained films. A film is made by smearing your blood between two thin panes of glass.
  3. Examine the films under our immensely powerful (and expensive!) microscope. 
  4. Produce a detailed analysis of what was actually seen.
  5. Produce manual count for differential parameters.

Biomarkers we report on

  • Neutrophils
  • Lymphocytes
  • Monocytes
  • Eosinophils
  • Basophils
  • Metamyelocytes
  • Myelocytes
  • Promyelocytes
  • Blast cells
  • Nucleated red blood cells
  • Corrected WBC 10^9/L.
  • The above include both the manual percentage as well as absolute counts.

Frequently asked questions

Will I receive digitals of my blood film?

Yes, these will be included in the report.

How long does the report take?

This is a purely manual investigation by our Senior Clinical Pathologist, so the results are not as quick as a general test. You can expect results the next day after we receive your sample at the laboratory.

Symptoms and tags

Blood in stool, Blood in urine, Chronic fatigue, Confusion, Easy bruising, Fainting, Fatigue, Feeling sick, Fever, Frequent infections, Hair loss, Headache, High blood pressure, Immune system, Inflammation, Insomnia/lack of sleep, Itchy skin, Thirsty all the time, Tiredness, and Weakness