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Missed Black Friday? Check out our HUGE offers for Christmas!
Missed Black Friday? Check out our HUGE offers for Christmas!

Blood Grouping and Subtyping Blood Test

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Sample collection is included in the price of the test, from your arm at our clinics or via a home finger prick kit.

Results - same or next day for most markers, with Health Dashboard explanations.

Quick and simple, from a local lab you can speak to.

Please choose sample collection option:

Currently selected option: Home kit

This option is included in the price. Your blood sample kit will be delivered via Royal Mail Tracked 24. 

You will receive your home sample collection kit, with everything you need to take a safe and suitable blood sample, together with detailed instructions on how to do it. The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes. 

You can then return the sample to us via Royal Mail Tracked 24.

Retest guarantee - our home kits work extremely well. However, if anything goes wrong or we need more blood - we will send you another kit absolutely free, so you can order with confidence.

Check out our full explanation on how the home kits work.

About the test

We inherit our blood type from our parents. Blood types are divided into 4 main categories – type A, type B, type AB, and type O. The blood type is determined by the type of protein on the surface of the red blood cells. Type A blood has A proteins, type B has B proteins, type AB has both types, and type O has neither.

It is the presence of these proteins that determines what type of blood can be given in a blood transfusion – giving the wrong type can be life threatening – because a recipient’s immune system can react against the donated blood.

Other than the A and B proteins, there is another protein called the Rhesus (Rh) antigen. A blood type can be Rh positive, or Rh negative. This is particularly important to know during pregnancy as there may be a problem if the baby has a different rhesus status to the mother.

The result will come in the following format:

  • A RhD positive (A+)
  • A RhD negative (A-)
  • B RhD positive (B+)
  • B RhD negative (B-)
  • O RhD positive (O+)
  • O RhD negative (O-)
  • AB RhD positive (AB+)
  • AB RhD negative (AB-)

This test is also a requirement for most (very) extreme sports pursuits and prior to majority of operations.

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    - Blood Grouping and Subtyping Blood Test


    The turnaround time for this test is 5 working days

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