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Maidstone, Exeter and Plymouth are now open!


This is the story of Andrzej Kubinski, and how a full body MOT blood test caught the early signs of Kidney Cancer.
Andrzej Kubinski

Andrzej Kubinski

Andrzej Kubinski (45) from West Sussex is married to Jacek and they have 2 children.

This is Andrzej’s story in his own words.

“If I had not visited One Day Tests and got a blood test then my condition would have got a lot worse. I’m so grateful I went and got my blood tested.”

Health Background

“I was experiencing some niggling chest pains and was encouraged by my husband Jacek to get a full body MOT blood test to check my general health.

Jacek had recommended One Day Tests having visited the Hove clinic for his own test a couple of months before.”

Why did you choose One Day Tests?

"Their Hove clinic is close to my place of work which was really convenient for me to visit. And the fact my husband had a test with them and was really happy with the service.

The ease of getting an appointment before work and the fact I would receive my test results quickly were also a big factor.

I decided to go for their Ultimate Performance blood test which covers a full body health check. 

On the day of my appointment I was greeted by Dominika who talked to me through the test and then took my blood. The whole process was really easy and pain free and having someone like Dominika there made me feel at ease."

What did your results tell you and what steps did you take next?

"When I received my results the next day, a couple of the graphs showed I had higher levels than the average range. I shared these results with my GP which prompted them to send me for further tests and abdominal scans.

These tests and scans identified a small growth on my Kidney which had I left untreated had a high chance of turning cancerous. Thankfully the growth was small and at a very early stage so it was easier to be removed through an operation.

Now without hesitation I will recommend One Day Tests to everyone. This is a great opportunity to find out about your health and act quickly if there is something wrong.

Blood tests can be a life saver because results can lead to more tests and scans to identify conditions and help improve your health.”

If you would like to monitor your health, just as Andrzej did, then click below on our Ultimate Performance Blood Test to find out more.

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