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Maidstone, Exeter and Plymouth are now open!
Maidstone, Exeter and Plymouth are now open!

This is our story

Our own laboratories, our own walk-in clinics, our own mission.

The beginning

At the root of it all is passion backed up by science. Diagnostics is a complicated activity. It requires seamless integration of science, healthcare and diagnostics workflow, as well as regulatory foundations. Not to mention cutting edge technology.

With these in mind we decided to disrupt the existing inefficient chaos and put you, our clients, first. The idea is simple. You should be able to have a blood test when you want to, how you want to, receive results in a consistent and meaningful form and own those results. So that you can use that data to make your health better. Simple.

So we build a talented team of people, who shared the passion and started putting our dreams into "bricks and mortar" clinics. We build processes around that for delivery of samples and built a highly streamlined and efficient logistical and technical process of getting your test journey completed - in one day.

We never stop evolving, but the basic premise we succeeded on. The service is working right now and our customer journeys are simple. You book a test and you get results. Same day.

This passion was turned into reality by a team of dreamers, with solid skills and vast amount of experience. We are not a marketing company that sits between you, the customer and a diagnostics laboratory. There are no middle layers with us. So the dreamers got together and started putting basic blocks together.

The laboratory

We needed a laboratory, first and foremost. A laboratory that has quality built into it from the start. This means that we have to adhere to the most stringent quality standards, such as ISO 15189 for the laboratory accreditation, be a responsible healthcare provider in the eyes of the Care Quality Commission and satisfy requirements of all regulatory bodies, including the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

So this is what we started from. We built a lab. The best lab we could build. The most streamlined lab we could build. A lab that uniquely processes capillary and venous samples without your sample being transferred between vials. This was groundbreaking and is ensuring that the quality of your results are the highest and the most accurate they can be. Because we minimise interference and we make sure that our automated analysers are verified and validated for both capillary and venous samples.

The walk-in clinics

Our dream was always very well defined and simple. Accurate blood test results as quickly as possible, i.e. now, today. Not next week. And not dependent on anyone else. They are yours, your results. It's your health. It's your responsibility and you should be able to act upon it at any time. At a time convenient for you. So if you'd like to have your Cholesterol checked today - that should not be a problem and it should not happen next week (best case scenario in a lot of cases) or in three weeks time. It should happen today.

So we built a place people can go to, in order for this to happen. We built a Care Quality Commission registered diagnostics and screening facility.

Which you can visit, most likely right now. The first one we opened in Crawley. One of many more to come.

The finger prick home kit

This was not a novel idea and has been around for a while, generally becoming the norm with the onset of Covid and home testing kits.

For blood tests, however, it is not so simple. The usual diagnostics process needs to be adjusted for the sample journey of a capillary tube and this is what we concentrated on.

First of all we had to build relationships with vial manufacturers, to make sure that your blood goes into the highest quality tubes with consistent and quality controlled additives. There is absolutely no point in doing a sample if it goes into a vial that will make it invalid. The same goes for every single component in our kit. From the lancet that pierces your skin to the wipes and gouzes that we use. The quality assurance of the kit was paramount to us.

Getting the sample to the lab is always a logistical issue, so we built strategic partnerships with DPD, who we consider to be very good at what they do. We were the first company to be allowed to transport your blood samples in the DPD network, which is a huge achievement and a testament to the quality and safety of our kit.

Onto the analyser machines, it is crucial that we validate the machines for the capillary samples use, as well as traditional venous blood. This we do with adherence with External Quality Assurance programmes, where we are continuously tested against third party (as well as manufacturer) control specimens.

And finally, we had to get our engineering hats on and work with the manifacturers to make sure that your capillary samples are not contaminated or mishandled. The best way to achieve that is to reduce the handing to a minimum, in our case it is approaching zero in a clinical setting. We modified the machines in such a way that they do not require "aliquoting" samples. The tubes that your sample came in is the tube that goes into the analyser. This is revolutionary in the screening industry and is something we are very proud of.

Clinical Governance and quality of results

We ensure that you get timely service with accurate and reliable results. This is the core of what we do and is our responsibility to you.

We achieve this by making sure that we are obsessive about all things "quality". Quality of sample service, quality of results, quality of customer experience. We achieve that through touch internal standards and control processes which are then checked against external quality assurance schemes.

Specifically we adhere to strict governance rules from our regulatory body, the Care Quality Commission. We adhere to strict quality of results agains internal processes governed by the BSI/ISO 15189 standards. In terms of results we continuously monitor every analyser and every results against manufacturer controls and calibrators (Horiba/Siemens Healthineers) as well as external EQA schemes (this is where our results are checked against other laboratories nationwide, for known samples). We are a member of the nationwide BioRad EQA scheme for every single haematology, biochemistry and immunology assay.

Your samples and results are safe in our hands.

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