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new years resolution blood test

Why a health MOT blood test should be on your New Year's Resolution List

As we step into the New Year, it's the perfect time to prioritise our health and well-being. A full body MOT health check is an essential tool in this journey, offering a comprehensive assessment of our overall health.

Whilst many will hit the treadmill at their local gym, it’s worth considering alternative methods of reviewing your health and evaluating your body’s performance. One Day Tests is tailored to cover a wide spectrum of biomarkers, offering a complete and detailed picture of your health. From assessing vital organ functions to evaluating nutritional levels, it stands as a complete full body MOT, setting a solid foundation for your New Year's health journey. 

Our Full Body MOT Blood Tests

What is a full body MOT?

A full body MOT, standing for Measurements, Observations, and Tests, is an extensive health check-up designed for both men and women. This comprehensive assessment covers your entire body, focusing on critical areas such as liver, kidney, and heart health. It involves recording various health indicators, including cholesterol levels, and muscle and protein mass, among other essential health markers.

Not all health issues show symptoms

In the complex world of health and wellness, it's crucial to understand that not all health issues make themselves known through symptoms. With a full body MOT, you can assess your overall well-being and identify any potential health risks.

The advantages of a full body MOT are:

  • Early Detection: Identify potential health issues in their early stages 
  • Health Status: Gain knowledge of how your body is currently functioning
  • Peace of Mind: Get reassurance about your health and knowledge that will help you to make informed decisions.

One Day Tests’ full body MOT health check

The tests offered by One Day Tests are a paradigm of comprehensive health assessment. It is meticulously designed to provide a panoramic view of your health status, making it a keystone in preventive healthcare and wellness monitoring.

Our Ultimate Performance Blood Test is our most comprehensive blood test that checks 57 vital biomarkers. This test will give you an encompassing insight into your current health and help you make informed decisions about lifestyle changes.

Our New Year's Resolution Blood Test checks for 20 key biomarkers that will provide incredibly detailed health information, including diabetes risk, liver disease and cardiovascular risk.

Flexible blood testing options and fast results

One Day Tests offers unmatched flexibility in how you can take the test, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Whether you choose a home finger-prick test or visit a clinic, the process is designed for your convenience.

Once your test is complete, the results are made accessible through One Day Tests’ innovative Health Dashboard. This digital tool is a game-changer in health monitoring. It not only presents your test results in a clear and understandable format but also allows you to track changes over time.

The Health Dashboard transforms raw data into actionable health insights, enabling you to understand your health on a deeper level and make informed decisions about your well-being. This seamless integration of testing and results interpretation exemplifies One Day Tests' commitment to modern, patient-centred healthcare.

A healthier new year with a full body MOT health check

This test offers a thorough examination of various health indicators, from vital organ functions to micronutrient levels. It's designed for those who are committed to staying on top of their health, whether it’s for managing existing conditions, enhancing athletic performance, or simply ensuring a healthy lifestyle.

Integrating a full body MOT health check into your health regimen can be a transformative decision. Choosing One Day Tests’ is more than just opting for a health check; it's embracing a comprehensive approach to health monitoring. As we look forward to a healthier year ahead, let this test be your partner in achieving your health and wellness goals.

Frequently asked questions

What is a biomarker?

A biomarker is a substance in the blood that can be measured to assess your current state of health or identify signs of disease. For example, cholesterol and hormones are types of biomarkers.

How often should I get my blood tested?

Regular blood testing can help you to keep track of your overall physical well-being. Getting blood tested at routine intervals allows you to see the way your body changes over time and enables you to make informed decisions about your health. It is recommended that you get your blood tested at least once a year as part of a routine check-up.

How and where can I get my blood tested?

Blood tests can be completed by visiting one of our blood testing clinics in London and the South East of England. If you cannot attend one of our clinics then we also offer a home finger-prick test. For both methods of blood testing, you will receive your results within 24-48 hours from when your blood sample reaches our CQC-registered laboratory.

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