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Our Cambridge clinic is now open. Book now!


Getting the answers you need. Access your blood test results here.

Health Dashboard: Take Control of Your Results

Embrace proactive health management with our free Health Dashboard - your online resource for accessing blood test results, tracking biomarkers, and gaining invaluable insights. Uncover the power of One Day Tests to personalise and optimise your health journey. 

Our user-friendly platform provides a tailored, flexible interface for you to view clinical commentaries and compare results over time. It works perfectly with our customisable subscription plans. Your results are seamlessly integrated into our Health Dashboard, providing a uniquely detailed view of how your health changes over time.

Stay ahead of potential health concerns, make informed decisions, and enhance your life quality. Experience the confidence that comes with being in charge of your health data. Begin your journey with the One Day Tests community today - your ownership of health starts here.

Unlock the potential of the Health Dashboard today. Ownership of your results begins here.



How it works

You can easily create an account for our Health Dashboard before you even buy a test or start a subscription plan. In a few quick clicks, you’ll be all set up on a powerful online tool that gives you full ownership of your blood test results.

Your results will arrive via email, in a password-protected, secure PDF file. You can also print this file and take it to your GP or requesting healthcare provider for further consultation.

For every blood test you get, you’ll be able to view your results in the Health Dashboard so you can see exactly how they change over time. There are convenient sections for your lab files, your biomarkers, your test panels, and your laboratory reports, which are the actual documents received from our laboratories.

As well as this, you also get the immense added value of:

  • Description commentary for your biomarkers
  • Clear depictions of how your results fall into the reference ranges 
  • Explanations of what it means if your results are above or below the reference range for our laboratory or nationwide averages
  • Ability to compare reference ranges and easily analyse your health/performance 

Simply put, this incredibly powerful clinical tool ensures you make the most of your lifestyle and testing routine. Along with the 24-hour turnaround time for most blood test results, taking charge of your health has never been quicker or easier.


Hi, my name is Stefania Brown and I am the laboratory manager here at One Day Tests. Here is why we made the dashboard!

Our laboratory frequently gets results interpretation requests. In fact, one of the most common questions is "What does this result mean for me?". This is exactly why we have created the Health Dashboard.

Because your time is precious. The Health Dashboard offers unparalleled convenience and flexibility, providing a unified approach to health monitoring. You can access your test results and explanations anytime, anywhere, eliminating the need for multiple appointments or time-consuming visits to healthcare facilities. Whilst we are very happy to speak to you - there is no need, it's all in the Health Dashboard.

So you can stay on top of your health without compromising your busy schedule.


If you’re an athlete committed to pushing your limits and optimising your performance, the Health Dashboard is your ultimate companion. Closely monitor your blood biomarkers and gain valuable insights into your physical well-being. Track relevant biomarkers specific to your sport or training goals, compare results over time, and fine-tune your training programmes for maximum efficiency and peak performance.


If you're proactive about your health and well-being, the Health Dashboard is your trusted ally. It equips the health-conscious individual with the tools to monitor biomarkers, make informed decisions, and stay one step ahead of potential health issues. Take charge of your own health by accessing comprehensive information, clinical commentaries, and trends that empower you to optimise your lifestyle and make meaningful changes.


The Health Dashboard is designed with accessibility in mind, providing a user-friendly interface and enabling health monitoring from the comfort of your own home. It also means any physical or mental limitations that make it challenging to visit healthcare facilities frequently won’t hold you back. Access your test results, clinical commentaries, and historical data with ease, ensuring proactive health management while maintaining independence.


If you have chronic conditions or a family history of illnesses, the Health Dashboard offers you personalised support. Regular monitoring of your biomarkers through the Health Dashboard helps detect potential health issues early on, enabling timely interventions and personalised management plans. Stay informed, take proactive steps, and maintain a sense of control over your health journey.

See how our Health Dashboard has helped others

I was having a real nightmare trying to keep track of results with different units spread across bits of paper from various labs. Especially for hormonal changes, it's not straightforward to monitor. Now I have everything in the same place.

Ceri Sam, tracking hormones and diabetes.

Cholesterol tracking is quite difficult to do well, there are about 6 markers and the ratios etc, so it's time consuming. I now have a graph and can see exactly what's happening with the ratios.

Jon Billingsworth, monthly cholesterol monitoring subscription

For my nutrition panel from my provider I have around 40 biomarkers monthly. There is no way I'd be able to see what's affecting what from a piece of paper. With the dashboard I can track it properly and see direct effects.

Gillian Wood, custom nutrition panel

Get the answers you need about your health from One Day Tests

If you have any questions about how to use the Health Dashboard, or if you want more information about our services, we’re here for you. You can use the chat button in the bottom right corner of the page or drop us an email at

Alternatively, give us a ring on 0845 527 07 67 or contact us on WhatsApp Chat - we’re usually online!


And very, very useful!
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